Friday, May 18, 2012

this one is for you.

I had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday I went to see Zac Brown Band perform in Raleigh, NC with my brother, Jordan and his fiancé, Sara, it was so much fun! We had pretty good seats so I got some great shots. I was very excited! They played a lot of good songs so it was worth the money and spending money on gas. Ethan and I are planning to see Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square in June. I'm ready for the summertime!
  So everyone seems to be graduating...congrats graduates!! you did it! I went to Ethan's graduation at UNC-Charlotte. 3,000 students graduated but they divided it at 2 different times. Ethan looked pretty sharp in his cap & gown. Seems like yesterday we were in high school. Time flies by...
Afterwards we celebrated at Outback was good..the 2 hour wait wasn't. Then we went back to my house because our good friend Savannah has moved in with the Beavers for the summer!! She is a vet student at Virginia Tech, so she has a 6 week intern at a vet hospital in Winston Salem. We haven't seen her in a while so I'm very excited that we are going to be roomies for some of the summer. We grew up together and my parents are best friends with her mom. So her mom, Debbie and husband and his 2 kids came to stay with us while she got moved in..we had a packed house! It was good to see everyone. Sunday was Mother's day! I'm very thankful for my sweet mother, Kay. We are best friends. We tell each other everything. We had a cook out at our house and watched all the mothers open gifts. 
That was my weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend and week so its FRIDAY. so have a good one!

here are some photos...

There he is!! 

Great show!

Graduation day. so cute.

proud mother.


roomies. This is Savannah! 

Happy Mothers day! I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

oh the days spent with you....

 Its been a while! I've been in Charlotte again! this time for a while because I had 3 jobs! YES 3. I was very excited!! I put my career first and thats one of the main reasons I drive to Charlotte..well you know the other reason..;)
Last Tuesday I went southbound and went straight poolside and laid out in the sun for hours..way to start my week off! I had a test shoot with a great photographer, Thien La. I got some great shots! Then I worked for again. then i had the weekend to have FUN. we went to eat out every of my favorite things to do by the way. I should be a food critic. I would love to try food everyday. I love to eat! Yes models eat! A LOT.  Ethan took me to Maggiano's, its an Italian restaurant that is very fancy. We loved it! The wine and pasta were yummy. The rest of the weekend we kept red box in business and ate leftovers. We also ate at Cracker Barrel, Loco Lime, Red Robin & Starbucks.  I would recommend all of those places to eat by the way! DELISH!
So Ethan has ONE more class to take next semester then he will be a FREE man! I'm very proud of him. The after the weekend I had one more job for Charlotte Magazine here is the link if you wanna check it out: its going to be in their wedding magazine. I wore some amaaaazing wedding dresses and a huge rock on my left hand.  
So after a long shoot I went back to Ethan's and let him study his life away for his exams while I slept like a little baby. The next day I spent with my cousin, Jenny <------- she's my best friend. We are cousins and we know everything about each other...we've had our ups and downs but we will always be here for one another and I love her to death. She lives in Charlotte and goes to UNCC and majors in Marketing, she's very smart and determined! I can't wait till she gets a big job that she deserves.
Well I'm home now..and cuddled up to my little Abbe.

I'm ready for another fun filled weekend. Tomorrow I'm going with my brother, Jordan and his fiancé, Sara to see Zac Brown Band!

have a good weekend.

here are some pictures.

preview of my test shoot.

another preview.

one of the dresses I got to wear. My favorite.

the day i left for Charlotte...mama curled my hair ;) yes I'm 22..but she does it better.

life is good.

my date..