Monday, October 29, 2012

My latest purchase....


I finally broke down and bought a CANON! I'm still learning but I'm loving her so far! (yup, I named her Rebel) She's by baby! Here are some of my favorite pics that I've shot so far...

My Abbe. FAVORITE one so far. 

Apples! In Cana, VA at B&B Produce.

@ B&B Produce. Cana, VA

Shot a mini session with baby Grayson! He's 2 months old! Such a cutie!

Miss Charley (Jenny's baby)

Klaudia. Cheerleader. 
(& congrats to the Cardinals for winning in the cheer competetion 3 YEARS in a ROW!!) 

Weslee Jake. Quarterback. This was after he threw a TD! #18 in the red!

Sweet Cristina! 

Baby pumpkin.

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