Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall

    I'm SO behind!! But I've organized my pictures and now I'm ready to share what my fall has been like so far! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FALL. Its by far my favorite season! My yard is covered in leaves which I love! The trees are so beautiful!! To start off my favorite season, my good friends, Amelia and Devin Holt FINALLY got married on the first official day of Autumn! The wedding was so pretty! I had cold chills the whole time! (not from being cold) It was such a touching ceremony because you could really see how much they truly loved each other! Amelia and I have been friends since 8h grade! She was always crazy over Devin and I knew they were going to end up together! When he finally asked her out I knew they were meant for each other. We started planning her wedding in high school! Haha we were a litte crazy! Little did she know that she was going to have to wait till she was 22! But it was defintley worth the wait. Here are some pics!! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Holt! I wish ya'll the best in life! 

Holt Wedding

I LOVED this!!

So sweet!!

My sexy date! Sitting on hay bales!

Devin escorting his mom! 

Their vows to each other....oh my gosh. I cried the whole time

One of my favorites.

Love her! She looked so beautiful! Simple but gorgeous dress!!

Beautiful bride!

Such a good idea!! 

I just love Amelia's papa:)

"Photo booth" time! Cute idea!

Daddy's girl!

My favorite one of us!

E with the bride!!

Me with the groom!!

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